Story of Usha

Story of Usha

Hailed from Rajpur, Dang Usha Nepali comes from socially and economically marginalized family background. She grew up at her birth place with her family of seven members. She is the second child of her parents among five children of two sons and three daughters.  Growing up in a village isn’t easy since, having to face with one after another hurdle of life to be taken care of. Doing the daily chores in a farming family in itself is a challenge let alone looking after the younger siblings and going to school is like juggling ten balls all at once and not to mention to keep up with the low economic situation of the family. Eventually she had to give up her studying desire in order to keep up with the harsh economic condition of her family and let her two younger brothers pursue the higher studies.

From her early childhood, Usha loved moving her body in tune to the music and it wasn’t long after that she discovered her passion for dancing. As she sacrificed her studying desire for the sake of family’s poor economic situation she was drawn more towards her new discovered passion for dancing and could not wait to spread her wings if the opportunity given. In the mean time after the Maoist insurgency and its end with the inclusion of their governance in Nepal, Usha was invited to join the cultural group of Maoist co-workers and she couldn’t ask for more and happily accepted the offer. After that she has been with her co-workers of the cultural group performing at different places until the recent years, when the group was dismantled and the group members was left with no aid and no one to turn to.

At the peak of being at risk with no support and education, she was guided by Higher Ground Community Development Nepal by offering job opportunity and skill development training at Higher Ground Crafts. Now she resides at NGO’s safe home and one day dreams of owning a tailoring shop back in her village. But it doesn’t mean she had given up her passion for dancing. Now she explores her talent for a better purpose with a new found faith.

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