A day in a brick factory

Admin 4 February 2016

A day in a brick factory

What Breaks Your Heart? Thanks Quake Volunteers for linking us to Youth Information Center in Jharuwarasi, Lalitpur and letting us know the current needs of the children there. Thanks for welcoming the volunteers from Higher Ground Nepal and Cross-Way Community Church and helping us distribute warm blankets and gift packages to the children there.

Seeing children bare feet, poor hygiene, their unsafe living situations and their lives without much hopes and dreams made us realize how millions of little kids in Nepal are living under the poverty line being oppressed, suppressed and depressed. How we wish these precious children were allowed to be “Children”… Wish their parents would understand the value of education, health, hygiene and safer environment for their children so that the next generation would be free from the repeated cycles of poverty and darkness.

In our own observation, majority of them were from rural villages of Makawanpur, Ramechhap and Sindhuli whose elders/parents had also worked in the brick factories because of the traditions of taking loans from the factory owners for the emergencies and socio-economic reasons. So, they sign the bond to work in the brick kiln in order to pay their debts and also to have easy access to future income. There is a greater need for good counseling to the parents for the long term benefits of sending their kids to school rather than using them as their assistants in making bricks.

There are so many issues around us, so much injustices and oppression. Our question for you today is: What Breaks Your Heart? Blood Bricks, Bonded Labor or Boys & Girls Living in the Darkness!!

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