Run to Stop Child Trafficking 2016

Admin 12 March 2016

Run to Stop Child Trafficking 2016

Much thanks to our prayers partners and supporters for helping us make our Fund Raising and Awareness Campaign – Run to Stop Child Trafficking Through Education a Huge Success. We handed over the money raised – Rs. 24,00000 ($24,000) equally among three different organizations – Higher Ground-Kathmandu, Nepal, Snow Yak Bid NepalĀ and Community Members Interested (COMMITTED) Dorje GurungJayjeev Hada) for rebuilding schools and scholarships funds for children at risks and in needs in Lalitpur, Dolpa and Sindhupalchok. Thanks for trusting our Team of Three Runners – Arbin Pokharel, Rekha Radha and Bimala Shrestha Pokharel and our vision to prevent trafficking through education. KUDOS to all our national and international supporters/partners….Thanks to NIBL (Bank) to channel the local contributions and FI (non-profit in MI, USA) to help us channel the funds internationally raised through crowdrise and through checks.

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