Story of Sarita

Story of Sarita

Sarita Dulal of 23 is a mother of a 5-year-old daughter, a local resident of Besisahar – 8. Sarita got married with a dream of a beautiful small world of prosperity as every woman but, she was unknown about much more suffering waiting for her. A weight of poverty pulling her up and down, she became a mother with more responsibility and one more mouth added to feed on. Her worse situation led to a decision of sending her husband to Saudi Arabia like other men in the county in the hope of giving their family a desirable life. Now Sarita could see the bright light of hope sparkling ahead though she had to live distance from her husband.

Counting days to be free from the bond of debts,  Sarita was delighted to hear from her husband, but alas! No call…the sparkling bright light of hope was blown off by the wisp of betrayal by her husband. Days were changing its colour, month by month and season by season but she didn’t receive any penny from her husband. Sarita was broken from inside but still, she smiles when her daughter looks up at her face. She had no choice other than managing her expences in credit from friends and relatives assuring them to be paid when her husband returns.

As the Sun smiles, after every storm―Sarita’s life took a turning point. On 12th Jan., 2018, Higher Ground Community Development Nepal facilitated liquid-soap-making training. Sarita was one of thirty participants who took the training. “Where there is a will, there is a way”― Sarita wisely led this chance into a fortune. She started her first business journey with 22 bottles of liquid-soap in a small investment of seven hundred rupees and earned two thousand and two hundred rupees. In the beginning, she left bottles for the sample, slowly the demand, popularity increased, and her income raised from twenty-five thousand to thirty thousand. Now she earns around sixty thousand per month.

Sarita is now empowered and re-consolation with her husband has made her happy and in her bold expression she says―”Am no more fragile…I dare to face any circumstances no matter what”, her eyes shined fearlessly. A woman can be soft as cotton and bold as a mountain, she can be a bold woman, a caring mother, a loving wife, and a successful entrepreneur simultaneously when she is empowered.

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